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W Hollywood


Centrally located in the heart of LA Pride Village, W Hollywood puts you in the center of the action. Just steps outside of the hotel, immerse yourself in everything from performance stages to vendor booths and more during LA Pride Village Sunday, June 11. W Hollywood is located 5 miles west of LA State Historic Park for Friday and Saturday's Pride in the Park and less than a mile east of the LA Pride Parade route. Outside of official events, the hotel will be activated all weekend and all are welcome. Take A Stance At W Hollywood.

Take a Stance.  What Do you Stand For?

Since its creation, W has been a space for self-expression and meaningful conversations. W is a destination that embraces all who visit, encouraging travelers to be their true selves. Through our support of the LGBTQIA+ community, W gives marginalized voices a platform and brings diverse communities together to move the culture forward.

The history of queer is imbedded with taking a stance. From the inception of the liberation movement, we have always stood for something – for the right to be who we want to be, to love who we want to love. Individuality is expressed as a battle cry.

Take a Stance invites our global community around the world - queer, non-binary , and cis - to share what they believe in. No issue too small, no value misheard.